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Recovery can only begin with a comprehensive screening and assessment process that allows both the individual and their families to be matched to the programs and services that meets their needs and recovery goals.  These include: clinical observation, physical and psychiatric history, as well as assessing the individual’s vulnerability for environmental risk conditions. Such as a lack of safe housing, low literacy skills, FASD, and more.  

  • Entering a rehabilitation program.
  • Have moved to Action Stage as evidenced by the pre and post Urica assessment tool.
  • Have increased movement in their assessment of the Life Satisfaction Scale.

Family members and friends who are living with or are affected by a significant other’s addiction problems and issues may themselves experience significant physical, emotional, social, and spiritual stress. Detox Centre of Manitoba provides family/parenting program, twice weekly, as an integral part of our mandate. Family / parenting support is integral to a holistic recovery of the whole unit because.
In supporting the identified family, we are supporting all the persons affected by addiction.
  • The Family also move through a journey of recovery.   Most often this process often parallels the journey of the participant experiencing addiction and/or mental health co-occurring disorders.
  • The Family members are highly motivated not only to understand, intervene and support but, also to participate in the change and recovery process in restoring their relationship.
  • The Family members also require information, skills and strategies in order to deal with addiction and related mental health co-occurring disorders to build healthy relationships.
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